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For Publishers

Reach your blocked audience, creating incremental revenue in an acceptable and sustainable manner and enable 3rd party services that are blocked.

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For Developers

Build highly-customized adblock experiences and protect your content with our innovative Javascript API and WordPress shortcodes.

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For Marketers

Gain access to the services and data that you are missing or are not able to use due the unintended consequences ad blocking.

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For Ad Block Users

Discover what our technology means to you as we lead in creating an online ad experience that is transparent and acceptable to you.

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Sustainable Advertising

Educate yourself on why Sustainable Ads provide a better, more acceptable experience for viewers.

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Sustainable Solutions for the Blocked Web

We are building the technology to proactively address the challenges of the blocked web in a reliable, sustainable, and acceptable method. Understanding that ad blocking effects the entire internet from blocking ads and revenue to blocking 3rd party services that are vitally important for companies to run their businesses, we provide solutions to companies that are serious about solving these challenges.

What is Adtoniq?

Adtoniq is a SaaS platform used to securely and reliably deliver end-to-end sustainable solutions to companies affected by ad blocking.

Who uses Adtoniq?

Companies that are impacted by ad blocking today and the ones that are planning for the future of a blocked web.

Why use Adtoniq?

Adtoniq’s cloud-based applications provide unprecedented technology to provide companies with comprehensive solutions to address ad blocking holistically.

What Can Adtoniq Do for YOU?




Ad Block Users