Recent Instart Logic Test

Instart Logic Proxies entire web site if they can accurately detect an ad blocker- They require a DNS change that potentially has major negative impact on Security, Performance, and Acceptance.

Instart Logic only works on Chrome on Desktop, and only work with a limited number of ad blockers.


Here is how the ad blocking community is describing their approach “Their technology is extremely hostile to users, as it’s also a way to bypass a user’s wishes and intentions to block third-party cookies, or even a user’s wish to block undesirable servers using a host’s file. We see broad public disapproval to their technology.” See post here and other information.

“The company behind the technology knows this, as the obfuscation stops as soon as an investigative user opens the dev console.”


Try the following as test if you are interested in seeing this in the real world:

  1. In your Chromebrowser with a blocker enabled, navigate to or any other site running Instart Logic.
  2. Note that they busted through the blocker and you will see ads in the upper right Note, they only work with certain ad blockers. If you don’t see an ad with your ad blocker on, try another ad blocker.
  3. Now right-click and choose inspect, and watch what happens to the ads right after you do that. The ads disappear after a second or two. Note that after you open the console, they appear to drop a cookie and remember you opened your console (something typically only a developer would do) and they remember not to show you those ads again – so you can open an incognito window after that to repeat this experiment.

Why do you think the ads are disappearing? They are trying to cover their tracks and make it harder to figure out what they’re doing.



Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87
ABP 2 Pass Fail if “easyprivacy is enabled”
Ublock 1.11.4 FAIL
Ghostery FAIL Failed on on
AdGuard 2.5.11 Pass
IE Version 11.0.9600 FAIL ACROSS BOARD
ABP Version 1.5.00 FAIL No Display Ads
Ghostery Version FAIL No Display Ads
FireFox Version 52.0. 1 (32-bit) FAIL ACROSS BOARD
uBlock 1.11.0 FAIL No Display Ads
Adguard Blocker 2.5.11 FAIL No Display Ads
Adblock Plus 2.8.2 FAIL No Display Ads
Ghostery FAIL No Display Ads
Adblocker Lite 0.3.6 FAIL No Display Ads in line
Privacy Badger 2017.1.26 FAIL No Display Ads
Opera Version 43
AdBlock 2.57 FAIL No Display Ads
Built inOpera FAIL No Display Ads
Ghostery FAIL
AdGuard 2.5.11 Pass
AdBlocker Light 0.3.8 FAIL
Passes when “block srcitps not enable” Pass
Fails when “block scripts is enabled” FAIL
ClickZ acquired Ghostery in February 2017