About Us

What We Do

Adtoniq addresses the challenges of ad blocking with products that allow companies to reliably and accurately detect ad blockers, analyze the impact they have on their business, recover critical services, functionality, revenue, and engage with their blocked audiences in a proactive and respectful manner.

Who We Are

We are close knit team with years of experience starting enterprise software companies and working at some of the largest companies in the world, including Oracle, Microsoft, Netflix, Time, Inc., Method, SayMedia, Borland and others. We are passionate about building and applying technology to solve big problems in big markets.

Our Focus

Adoniq’s focus is to provide and develop products that put websites in control of their blocked audiences and improve their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – Revenue, Sales, Engagement, Subscriptions, or any other goals.  We accurately detect ad blocking, enable services that can or will be blocked, and provide tools that allow our customers to take action. The in-market product we have today is TruBlock, our core platform for detection, ad block analytics, tools to communicate with your blocked audiences and API’s to develop any conceivable experience. Our first commercially available product built on the TruBlock Platform is Adtoniq for Google Analytics. Adtoniq can integrate to any other commercial Content Management System (CMS), including custom ones, via our Java framework, with PHP and Ruby frameworks planned. We will progressively enable other services as we grow- Analytics, Advertising, Customer Interaction, Tracking and Social Media.

About Ad Blocking

Ad blocking has brought about significant challenges for companies well beyond just blocking advertisements. Ad blocking not only blocks ads from loading, it also prevents scripts from running. The implications are that anyone using an ad blocker can or will stop most Marketing Technology (Martech) and Advertising Technology (Adtech) – Google, Adobe, Marketo, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Facebook – and hundreds more from working: the consequences are far reaching for companies that rely on data, information and services from these companies.  As ad blocking technology becomes more aggressive and spreads, this problem will only grow. Adtoniq is building the technology and products to solve the many challenges that ad blocking has brought about.


There are a lot of articles and research that discuss ad blocking and the associated challenges. We chose this one, in particular, because it summarizes the challenges that most companies are or will face in the coming years http://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2017/04/24/the-day-after-tomorrow-when-adblockers-stop-all-martech-platforms


Here is a sample of many of the services that can or will get blocked:

Examples of Blocked Services Disrupted by Ad Blockers

Analytics  ⋅  Advertising  ⋅  Customer Interaction  ⋅  Tracking  ⋅  Social Media