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For Developers

Build highly-customized adblock experiences and protect your content with our innovative Javascript API and assure the integrity of your site.

Hello World


Build your own ad block experiences using our JavaScript API. View the JavaScript console for this page tech.adtoniq.com, you can see this script in action!  Scroll down for more information.

Expert Support


Unlike our competition, our team of experts actually tests our code against all popular ad blockers, including mobile, desktop, and network based blockers. And then we re-test, again and again, because ad blockers are constantly evolving.


Assure Integrity


Ad blockers cause collateral damage, unintentionally breaking critical services having nothing to do with advertising. Coming soon, we will be able to ensure that your advertising, analytics, and other services are working as intended and are not broken by ad blockers.

Check out Our JavaScript API In Action

adtoniq.onBlocked( function() { console.log(‘Hello ad blocked user’); } );

Navigate to tech.adtoniq.com with an ad blocker and look at your JavaScript console.