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Reliable, Accurate, Efficient, and Secure Solutions for the Blocked Web

A robust platform, reliable data, and accurate detection are just the beginning. Adtoniq offers control and clarity that makes the management of ad blocking more advantageous. An intuitive platform and applications, that’s seamless to implement, allows us to provide a technically superior solution to the ever growing threat of the blocked web.

Adtoniq Detection & Analytics


  • Utilize the most accurate and reliable ad block detection and analytics in the world with TruBlock™
  • Stay ahead of the ever-evolving ad blocker solutions with our expert Quality Assurance team
Adtoniq WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress Shortcodes

  • Communicate with your ad blocked audience, offer choices, and take actions such as protecting content or taking a subscription or micropayment.
  • Click here to view a live demonstration of the Adtoniq WordPress shortcodes by selectively displaying one of two different messages, based on whether or not you are using an ad blocker.
Adtoniq Javascript API

Javascript API

  • Protect your content with advanced options at the site, page, or content level.
  • Create any conceivable option to protect your content as well as giving ad blocked visitors several options to view your content.
Adtoniq Detection & Analytics

Integrity Assurance

  • Ensuring the usability of 3rd party services that cannot be blocked.
  • Receive accurate data for 100% of your audience so that you can make the right decisions, and enable other services that are blocked.