imgresContent Assurance + Ad-Reinsertion

Ad Reinsertion is a strategy that several publishers are now contemplating or attempting to do. We provide technology to reinsert acceptable and LEAN ads and re-enable other technologies; analytics, testing tools, any other blocked technology, seamlessly, across desktop and mobile. We think that there is a right way and a wrong way to do this and there are several things that publishers need to think about when doing ad-reinsertion.

The vast majority of desktop ad blocking technology allows for “acceptable ads” and that is a default setting for the majority of desktop ad block plugins, namely AdBlock Plus and AdBlock. Other ad blocking technologies don’t have that option. For users that have acceptable ads enabled, our technology detects those users and allows you to serve acceptable or LEAN Ads to those users with or without messaging. For users that have either disabled acceptable ads or don’t have that option, we believe that they must be presented messaging to explain why they will be seeing ads or allow them to take other actions. Perhaps, if they are unwilling to see acceptable ads, they don’t get access to your content, limited or timed access, or some form of payment.

Ad-Reinsertion Using Google AdSense

mobile_ads-512One of our strategies is to use AdSense as a source of simultaneously acceptable ads and LEAN ads. Because the concept of acceptable ads is being actively promoted by the ad block community, and since the majority of your ad-block audience already has acceptable ads enabled in their ad blocker on desktop, we can detect and serve them acceptable ads without any need for messaging (optional). This puts publishers in control and management of the white-list/acceptable ad setting from the ad blocker, and puts control of that setting in your hands. In addition, you would be supporting exactly what the ad block community is asking for, except you’re not paying the extortion fees to companies like AdBlock Plus.

A small minority of ad block users have opted out of acceptable ads by disabling that option in their ad blocker, or because they use an ad blocker that disables acceptable ads by default or is otherwise not available, which is more common on mobile. For those users detected, you can optionally message them if they would be willing to view acceptable ads (and other types of messaging) in exchange for accessing your content. The value in this feature is an ad block user can effectively white-list you right on your site with one click and no longer have to go into their ad-block options to do this. This is especially useful on mobile or if they are a network blocked user that cannot white-list you.

DoubleClick and Other Ad Serving Vendors 


With this approach, the challenge is that DoubleClick and other Ad Serving vendors don’t meet either the acceptable ads standard, or the LEAN standard. As a result, we are taking a wait and see approach before supporting them. As they begin to develop “acceptable ads, LEAN and other types of ads, we will support them. We strongly suggest supporting the “E” for Explain part of D.E.A.L: Detect, Explain, Ask, Lift restrictions. We agree with the advice of the IAB, which says you should explain what is going on and ask the user to make choices. The reason for this is to better respect consumers and to maximize the percent of ad-blocked users you retain.