An efficient and reliable platform for your blocked audience, reliable data, and detection is just the beginning. Adtoniq offers control and clarity that makes every facet of ad blocking remediation more advantageous. An intuitive application, that’s seamless to implement, allows us to provide the industry’s most advanced solution to the ever growing threat of the blocked web.


To effectively deliver remediation technology, publishers must be able to consistently and reliably deliver content and advertising to their visitors. In addition to disrupting the delivery of advertisements, ad blocking tools interfere with other technology including the ability to detect ad blocking, analytics, such as Google Analytics and Omniture, user communication, testing tools, eCommerce, and other important technologies. At the core of our technology is “content assurance” providing publishers with the foundational technology to consistently deliver content to its users. This technology serves as the backbone for everything we do and powers a publisher’s ability to offer remediation choices to their blocked audience.


vendor_oversightTruBlock™ is Adtoniq’s technology platform for bringing you the most accurate and reliable ad block detection and analytics in the world. We are fanatical in our commitment to bring you accurate ad block analytics because there are so many broken solutions on the market, and without accurate data, you are flying blind. Ad blockers are evolving and updating literally multiple times per day. How can we ensure that Adtoniq works in the face of the army of developers building ad block solutions? When we release our software, our quality assurance team tests hundreds of combinations of browsers, operating systems, mobile devices, and ad blocking solutions. This is costly to build, but if you do not have this level of commitment to detecting ad blocking, it is impossible to stay in front of ad blocking technology.  




WordPress shortcodes provide the building blocks so you can communicate with your ad blocked audience, offer choices, and take actions such as protecting content or taking a subscription or micropayment. This page provides a live demonstration of the Adtoniq WordPress shortcodes by selectively displaying one of two different messages, based on whether or not you are using an ad blocker.

                                                                   JAVASCRIPT API

compliance-managementYour content is what drives your business. Our JavaScript API allows you to protect your content with advanced options at the site, page, or content level. Our API allows you to create any conceivable option to protect your content: block site access, block certain pages; block content within a page; and limit amount of time users can view content. Give your ad block visitors the options to view your content for something in return;integrate third party payment gateways or other subscription services, ask for sign-ups, see an ad before proceeding. The possibilities are endless.

For publishers with more advanced technical teams that want to develop their own native ad block web features while leveraging others parts of Adtoniq for features they do not wish to implement themselves or don’t have the expertise. This puts publishers in complete control of the ad block experience. One important feature is our ability to detect whether a user has “acceptable ads” or element hiding enabled, which will become increasingly important with future releases.


piechartWe will soon be introducing our product to restore any technology on your website currently being blocked, from ad servers like DoubleClick and AdSense to analytics systems like Google Analytics and Omniture. Our technology allows publishers to re-enable technology that is getting blocked (analytics, A/B tools, verification, tracking) in a way that is invisible to ad blockers and thus cannot be blocked. This puts the power back in the publishers’ hands, granting you the ability to use whatever strategy you wish to take.


reporting-2Perform multivariate or A/B tests with unlimited configurations of messaging and other remediation choices to determine the best approach to tackle the ad blocking problem. With our built-in testing capabilities, it is simple to turn on and off different options and gather data to determine a comprehensive strategy. Because many A/B tools due in fact get blocked, we’ve built this into our platform.