Accessing Premium Content in exchange for
opting into Google Analytics & Adtoniq

We use information from Google Analytics and Adtoniq to improve our products and services, and to learn what’s most important to you, our audience. Adtoniq publishes premium content including research papers and videos on various topics of interest to the ad block community. If you are using an ad blocker that blocks analytics, in order to receive access to our premium content, we ask you once on the bottom of our page to opt in to allowing us to use analytics on our website, as described in more detail here. You are free to decline and browse the rest of our website without access to our premium content. If you opt-in, you’ll get free access to our premium content. However you answer, we’ll drop a cookie to remember your choice and respect your choice. Of course if you clear your cookies or use an incognito browser we won’t know your choice and we’ll have to ask you again. If you ever want to view or change your previous choice in the future, you can come back to this page to do that.