Adtoniq for Google Analytics

Adtoniq for Google Analytics allows users to make full use of Google Analytics for their entire audience, restoring GA data for visitors who have any active ad blocker installed across mobile, desktop and network.


Full Functionality

Ability to track all visitors with full GA functionality, blocked and unblocked, leading to complete data, accurate insights and better business decisions

Customized Reporting

Create your own or use our Best Practice Reports offering unique insights to help users understand the behavioral and demographic differences among different segments of your blocked audience

Simple and Easy to Install

Our WordPress plugin installs in minutes.  We can also create custom solutions for other CMSs. 

New Audience Data

Establish key audience attributes of your blocked audiences and design monetization strategies based on previously unavailable data

Blocked vs. Unblocked Insights

Segment your blocked visitors’ vs, unblocked visitors’ lending insight to differences in usage, behavior demographics and other important characteristics

New Revenue Opportunities

Create new revenue opportunities for digital publishers who have been unable to reliably serve advertising to their blocked users in an acceptable and sustainable manner


 Below are sample prices. Our pricing is based on the actual number of pageviews for your site and you can purchase exactly the amount of you need at checkout





*This product is currently available for WordPress or WordPress VIP. If you are running VIP, please contact us, as VIP has different implementation procedures. If you are interested in acquiring Adtoniq for Google Analytics for a different CMS (content management system), please contact us for information on how to get started. Adtoniq TruBlock will be available for all major CMS’s, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Adobe Experience Manager and custom CMS platforms built with Java, PHP, and Ruby.

Adtoniq For Google Analytics allows WordPress sites to make full use of Google Analytics even with their blocked audience, and also allows customers to segment their audience into blocked and non-blocked users.

Get the full picture

Ensure that all the same Google Analytics data is collected for both non-blocked and blocked users alike.

Use your Google Analytics account

Work with your own Google Analytics account. If you don’t have one, we can help you get set up.

Use custom dimensions for reporting

Use custom dimensions and segments for reporting, so you can understand differences in behavior and demographics between your blocked and unblocked web.

Support traffic splitting

Supports traffic splitting so you can stay within the Google Analytics quota.

On-Call Expert Customer Support and Consultation Services

Contact Adtoniq at, or call us at 415.340.1949.





This plugin requires that you first install and activate the Adtoniq TruBlock™ plugin. After installing that, install and activate this plugin. Click to the Adtoniq for Google Analytics admin page and enter your Google Analytics property ID, traffic split, and check the box if you want Google Analytics to work even with ad blockers.

Getting Started: Adtoniq for Google Analytics

Once implemented, this plugin will enable you to view ad block analytics in your own Google Analytics account.

STEP 1:  Configure your Google Analytics account for Adtoniq

  • Use an existing property or (optional) create a new property to capture blocking analytics
  • Record your GA tracking ID to use during registration (step 3 below)
  • In the Admin area of your GA account, add custom dimensions and metrics as outlined here

STEP 2:  Download plugin / Install on test environment

  • Download plugin from email (zip file attachment)
  • Install / activate plugin on test site

STEP 3:  Complete registration

  • From your WordPress account, click to admin interface (“Adtoniq for GoogleAnalytics”)
  • Enter your unique GA tracking ID: UAXXXXXXXX-X
  • Optional: use the traffic split percentage to stay within your Google Analytics quota (see more about quotas here)
  • Check the box to “enable adblock bypass,” and save changes

STEP 4:  Repeat Installation for production environment

  • Install / activate plugin on production site

STEP 5:  View live and cumulative analytics from your Google Analytics property

Do I need a Google Analytics account to get started?

No.  If you do not have a Google Analytics account, we can help you get set up with a new account. A select few users participating in our beta program and in need of an account can use a property hosted on our Adtoniq account (note: only available to eligible users; additional fees may apply).

Can I use my existing Google Analytics account?

Yes!  If any custom definitions have been created for your account, we recommend creating a new property within your existing account.

Do I need to install Adtoniq TruBlock before getting started?

Yes!  Adtoniq TruBlock is our base product, which enables the tracking and reporting of data on your site.  Installation of Adtoniq TruBlock is a prerequisite to getting started with Adtoniq for Google Analytics.

Can I use Adtoniq for Google Analytics for other tracking software?

No.  Adtoniq for Google Analytics was created solely for Google Analytics users.  We will be releasing products for other tracking software in the near future.

Can I use Adtoniq for Google Analytics for multiple websites?

Yes.  You will need to register each website when activating Adtoniq for Google Analytics.  You will also need a separate GA tracking ID for each site.

Do I need to add tags or code to my site to get started with Adtoniq for Google Analytics?

No – no tags or code are necessary on your site.  Once you’ve installed Adtoniq TruBlock and activated Adtoniq for Google Analytics, you will begin receiving data.

Should I use an existing property or create a new one?

It is recommended that you create a new property if any custom definitions have been set up on your current account.

Where do I find my Google Analytics tracking ID?

If you are using an existing Google Analytics property, you can find your tracking ID in the Admin “Property Settings” screen.  If you are creating a new property, you will see the tracking ID after clicking the “Get Tracking ID” button.

Do I need to set a traffic split?

Traffic splitting is a feature provided to allow you to stay within the Google Analytics data collection limit.  Read more about data collection limits and quotas here.

What are custom definitions?

Custom definitions are dimensions and metrics specific to blocked user tracking, created and reported by Adtoniq.  Read more about custom definitions here.

How do I set up custom dimensions on my Google Analytics account?

Follow the detailed instructions to set up custom dimensions on your account here.

What are custom segments, and how do I use them?

Segments in Google Analytics allow you to isolate and examine subsets in your data.  Adtoniq’s custom segments allow you to break down your data by blocked and unblocked users.

Where do I see my reports/data/dashboards?

After completing registration, you can begin viewing data from within your registered property.  Custom dashboards and reports can be viewed in your reporting section as shared reports, or you can access our dashboards and reports from the GA Solutions Gallery.  You can also apply our custom segmentation to your existing reports and dashboards to see performance and behavior amongst your blocked and unblocked audience.

What kind of reports can I expect to see?

Adtoniq shares custom dashboards with reporting widgets that present performance and behavior data that can be broken down to blocked and unblocked audiences.

How do I interpret my data?

Use our custom segments to view trends and differences in content performance and audience behavior across your blocked and unblocked audiences. This will help determine appropriate strategies to apply in order to improve overall site performance and goals.

Will my Adtoniq for Google Analytics data match my TruBlock data?

Not necessarily, since bot filtering differs between Google Analytics and TruBlock..

What does Adtoniq do with shared data?

Adtoniq uses shared data to refine our product and assist with trouble-shooting.  We also use this data to get a better understanding of our clients’ target market so that we may continue to build the best technology and strategies available to better assist our clients with the challenge of blockers.

What should I check for when testing Adtoniq for Google Analytics on my test server?

Install Adtoniq on a test server and validate that your test server continues to function properly before installing on your production server.  We expect no observable changes to your website behavior other than the operation of our code.

I still have questions – how can I get in touch with Adtoniq?

Contact us with any questions at, or call us at 415-340-1949.


View and interpret your data in our custom dashboards.

See variances and trends for your blocked vs unblocked audience

Dashboards include reports of user behavior, audience demographic info, site content interaction data, and more for the blocked web. 

Custom segments allow for comparison between blocked and unblocked visitors at the pageview, session, and user level for your existing reports and dashboards.

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