Adtoniq TruBlock™

TruBlock™ is Adtoniq’s core technology platform for bringing you the most accurate and reliable ad block detection and analytics in the world.  All of our current and future services leverage the TruBlock platform.


Accurate Ad Block Analytics

Accurately detect and measure your ad block rates across desktop, mobile, and network.

JavaScript API

Create any kind of custom interaction with your audience. 


User-Friendly Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes provide the building blocks to communicate with your audience. 

Easy to Install

Via our WordPress plugin, installation is quick and only takes minutes.

Sample Pricing


Below are sample prices. Our pricing is based on the actual number of pageviews for your site and you can purchase exactly the amount of you need at checkout


* This product is currently available for WordPress or WordPress VIP. If you are running VIP, please contact us, as VIP has different implementation procedures. If you are interested in acquiring Adtoniq TruBlock for a different CMS (content management system), please contact us for information on how to get started. Adtoniq TruBlock will be available for all major CMS’s, such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Adobe Experience Manager and custom CMS platforms built with Java, PHP, and Ruby.

TruBlock™ is Adtoniq’s technology platform for bringing you the most accurate and reliable ad block detection and analytics in the world. We are fanatical in our commitment to bring you accurate ad block analytics because there are so many broken solutions on the market, and without accurate data you are flying blind.

Accurate Analytics for Your Blocked Audience

  • Accurately measure your audience’s ad block rate
  • Record analytics for your blocked audience for every page view, except for those requests that come from robots that identify themselves as such, such as search engines like Google.

Easy-to-Interpret Dashboard

  • Monthly and real-time reports available at all times.
  • We record the following information, regardless of whether an ad blockers on, for every page view on your site:
    • Number of ad units on the page
    • Timestamp of page view
    • Whether or not ads were blocked by an ad blocker
    • Whether or not the user has acceptable ads enabled
    • Website and path of page view.

WordPress Shortcodes

  • Communicate effectively with your audience by targeting custom WordPress content specifically to your blocked or unblocked audience segments.
  • Utilize the building blocks to communicate with your ad blocked audience.
  • Click here to learn more about our shortcodes

JavaScript API

  • A callback API that allows a web developer to build a customized ad block experience for your audience, for example:- show a targeted message to your blocked audience asking them to white-list your site or sign up for a subscription

    – protect parts of your website from blocked viewers

  • You can also protect parts of your website from ad blocked viewers.
  • See our JavaScript API documentation for more information.

Automated Testing

Adtoniq is constantly monitoring ad blockers and creating countermeasures to ensure the evolving efficiency of Adtoniq.

On-Call Expert Customer Service

Rest assured that the Adtoniq team is available for support and consultation services.



WordPress version 4.6 up to 4.8.1


 Click here to get started downloading Adtoniq TruBlock.  Complete the simple steps to install the TruBlock plugin and register your site, then begin collecting accurate ad block analytics within minutes.

There is no charge for services up to 100,000 page views per month.  Purchase a quota increase and pay monthly or annually if you need more than 100,000 pageviews per month.

After Activating Your Adtoniq TruBlock™ Account

View real-time and 30-day stats for your blocked audience on your TruBlock dashboard.  Follow our five-step guidelines for maximizing your value of Adtoniq.  If you use Google Analytics, consider adding our Google Analytics plugin to boost your tracking and reporting capabilities.



What is Adtoniq TruBlock™?

TruBlock™ is Adtoniq’s technology platform that allows users to collect data about their audience’s ad blocker usage.

Who Uses Adtoniq TruBlock™?

Businesses large and small are currently using Adtoniq, but this information is currently confidential so we can not yet disclose which publishers are using Adtoniq. We “eat our own dogfood” and use Adtoniq on our own websites. 

What exactly does Adtoniq TruBlock™ do?

Adtoniq TruBlock collects data regarding your audience’s ad blocker usage, providing a foundation for new revenue potential, engagement opportunities with your audience, and invaluable insight for ad blocker strategies.   All of this allows you to generate revenue from your blocked web. 

Adtoniq also provides ad block experts and consulting services to work with you to craft a customized strategy for monetizing your unique blocked web audience.  Contact us for more information about our consulting services.

How can I tell if Adtoniq TruBlock™ is right for me?

If you have a WordPress site and are making at least $1,000 per year in advertising, Adtoniq can generate new revenue for you by unleashing the potential in your blocked web.  Our five-step guide for evaluating Adtoniq leads you through estimating the value of your blocked web, and includes examples and strategies on how to realize your revenue potential.




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