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Sustainable Advertising for the Blocked Web

The Adtoniq Solution

Consumer behavior should dictate strategy, and the next phase for the industry should begin with an understanding of what creates value for consumers.  Sustainable Advertising addresses this head on and encompasses several important factors: communication, control, transparency and choice, strategies, best practices and vision. Sustainable ads are your ads and they are lighter, more secure, and less disruptive, resulting in a better, more acceptable experience for ad block users.

Our technology takes “extortion” out of the equation.  It allows publishers to sustainably protect revenue and to serve acceptable ads to ad block users, putting control back in your hands and creating new revenue in a respectful, acceptable and “sustainable” manner.

Our technology delivers sustainable ads to ad block users, regardless of the technology they are using, coupled with appropriate messaging and disclosures, explaining the value exchange.

A publisher should be free to earn revenue from the content that they create without the complication of being extorted. 

Don’t you agree?



Ads – everybody gets annoyed by them, and millions turned to ad blockers for a variety of reasons.  We agree that ads can be annoying and disruptive, and we also understand that publishers rely on digital ad revenue to continue their craft.

Ad Blockers


Ad blockers strip publishers of the ability to monetize their content; and now some ad block companies are charging the same publishers to be able to serve their own ads.  This is better known as “extortion”.

“Acceptable Ads” by EYEO


Eyeo (Adblock Plus) has developed what they believe is a reasonable way for publishers and advertisers to serve ads without annoying ad block users while recovering revenue from an otherwise blocked audience.  Two major issues, among many, are that the companies offering these “acceptable ads” are the same companies that are blocking ads in the first place.  Ad blocking companies are extorting publishers by blocking publisher audiences, then charging the publisher to bypass their ad blockers with “acceptable ads”.  That doesn’t sound “acceptable” to the team at Adtoniq. The other major issue is that if you are paying the extortion fee, it only works for the company you are paying. It does not work on the any other ad blocking vendor and the ones that are coming.

Some Facts


  • Over 75% of ad blockers are willing to see “Acceptable/Sustainable” ads.
  • Detecting“acceptable ads” or “allow some non-intrusive advertising” is critical to delivery.
  • Advertisers are NOWlooking to understand how best to reach blocked audiences – the right way
  • Facebook attributes 18% revenue increase (Q3 ’16) to countering ad blockers.
  • “Acceptable Ads” by Eyeo, only works on AdBlock Plus and Ad Block, not all of the other ad blockers available today and coming.

Adtoniq Sustainable Ads Initiative

We are pleased to announce our latest development, “Adontiq™ Sustainable Ads Initiative” – a breakthrough and innovative method and technology for monetizing the blocked web.  We are currently inviting a small number of qualified premium publishers and advertisers to join us as we ramp up to our General Release. Join our Early Adopter Program and participate in sustainable advertising for the blocked web!

  • Invite-only group of premium publishers
  • Control pricing of premium and ROS blocked inventory
  • Brand new revenue stream
  • For direct sold and programmatic direct
  • Integrity of your analytics and other blocked services
  • 100% humans (no bots)
  • Well vetted quality control (certification process to meet criteria and quality standards)
  • Minimal impact on existing operations
  • Simple integration to DFP and other ad serving solutions using our Sustainable Tagging System