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Join Our Early Adopter Program

We are inviting a small number of advertisers and publishers to join our dedicated working group that will help shape sustainable advertising standards and launch this new platform.  Publishers will learn best practices and strategies for monetizing the blocked web in a sustainable and acceptable manner.

The Facts:

  • Ad Blocking is between 20-30% in the US on desktop; nearing 10% on Mobile. Globally Ad Blocking is over 35%
  • Ad Blocking skews higher to certain coveted demographics
  • 75% of Ad Blockers are willing to see “Acceptable/Sustainable” Ads and understand that ads fund content
  • Most publishers cannot accurately detect and measure the true effect of ad blocking
  • Advertising to the “blocked web” is a brand new paradigm and opportunity
  • Facebook attributes 18% revenue increase on desktop (Q3 ’16) to countering ad blockers, and is spending millions of dollars doing so

Fill Out This Form to Receive a Personalized Email to Begin the Qualification Process:

Participants will assist with tests and commit necessary resources to accommodate our mutual goals. Participants will help define the standards and road map for sustainable advertising and benefit from early access to our technology. There will be a tremendous amount of valuable learnings for those participating.  You will be the first to reach a brand new market that has shut off advertising in an acceptable and sustainable manner.