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What is Adtoniq? —
Adtoniq helps WordPress sites connect with their ad blocking audience. Instead of helping sites circumvent blockers or force ads through, Adtoniq gives the user the power to bypass their ad blocker with one easy tap or click. When sites make it easy for the user to bypass their ad blocker, ads get served to more receptive users.
The impact of ad blocking —
There are 75.1 million ad blocking users in the US according to eMarketer. Google's new ad filter for Chrome confirms the impact of blockers on digital ad revenue. It's time to build an effective ad blocking strategy for your site.
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With Adtoniq, you only pay for what you use.
Check out our bill estimator to see how much Adtoniq would cost you.
How many monthly pageviews do you have across all your websites?
Enter your estimated ad block rate. If you don't know your ad block rate, click here %
These numbers represent our best guess of U.S. ad block rates by industry, based on reading publicly available research.
Although the average U.S. adblock rate is approximately 25%, your actual adblock rate may vary significantly based on your audience demographics, and what kinds of approaches to adblocking you've tried in the past. If you have a website focusing on high tech, skewing towards a more male and younger demographics (e.g. a gaming site), your actual adblock rate could be as high as 50%.
Do you use analytics such as Google Analytics or Omniture?
How much monthly revenue does your website generate from all sources? $
Do you have ads on your websites?
Enter your Page RPM. If you don't know your Page RPM, click here $
Your Page RPM or Revenue Per Mille (1000) measures how much advertising revenue your site generates per 1000 pageviews.
RPM Formula
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000
If you use AdSense, you can find your Page RPM in the Performance Reports section of your AdSense console.
Your estimated monthly losses $ --- Learn more
Our formula for estimating your losses takes two different types of losses into account which are added together to estimate your total losses:
  1. Ad revenue blocked
  2. Decreased effectiveness of analytics in optimizing your business and website
Ad revenue blocked is estimated using this formula:

monthly pageviews x ad block rate x RPM / 1000

The losses due to blocked analytics is estimated by assuming that you use analytics in part to increase the quality and effectiveness of your services as measured objectively through analytics, which in turn increases the revenue that you generate from your website. To estimate this, we use this formula

monthly revenue x ad block rate / 350

Monthly pageviews across all your websites
Estimated ad block percentage
Average ad units per page
Want to restore Google Analytics?
Want to restore Google AdSense?
(in closed beta)
Your estimated monthly losses:$0
Your estimated monthly bill:$0
Adtoniq Features —
Adtoniq for WordPress
Get a suite of great services for FREE forever.
Adtoniq Cloud
Access to premium services and features.
Adtoniq Analytics
Get accurate ad blocking analytics in real time.
Adtoniq One-click Consent
With your audience's permission, bypass adblockers to restore services that have been disabled.
Adtoniq for Google Analytics
See your whole audience.
How much will Adtoniq Cloud cost?
There is no charge for using Adtoniq's free features. You can estimate your monthly Adtoniq Cloud service bill for premium features.
You are billed monthly based on several factors including:
  1. Total number of pageviews across all your websites
  2. Whether or not you enable Google Analytics and if so, your analytics blocking rate
  3. Whether or not you enable AdSense and if so, your number of restored AdSense ad units

As the total aggregate number of pageviews across all your websites increases, we automatically give you a greater and greater discount off your bill. This starts at zero percent for small websites, and caps out at 80% if you have an aggregate of 1 billion pageviews. The precise discount formula is your monthly pageviews divided by one billion, capping out at 80%.

All customers are charged for Adtoniq Analytics services, which you can view by signing in to your Adtoniq Cloud account, or from within the WordPress plugin. You will only be charged for Google Analytics or AdSense if you enable those features on your server.

Your charges for Adtoniq Analytics are calculated as follows

monthly pageviews x 0.00003

Your charges for Google Analytics are calculated as follows

monthly pageviews blocking analytics x 0.00006

Your charges for AdSense are calculated as follows

Number restored ad units x 0.0001

You can view a spreadsheet model of our prices here:

Get Started —
Adtoniq can be up and running today on all of your sites with one install and one registration.
Register for Adtoniq Cloud
Install the Adtoniq WordPress PlugIn. Find Adtoniq in the wordplace marketplace at https://wordpress.org/plugins/adtoniq/.
Register for Adtoniq Cloud. An activation email will follow. Click to activate your account, and then sign in. On the next screen, insert your domain(s) and copy your cloud key for your site(s).
Open Adtoniq in your WordPress dashboard. Tab across to configure Messaging and Content Protection for your site. Explore our Shortcodes and our Javascript API for additional value and flexibility. Use the link in the upper right corner to skip down to Adtoniq Cloud and paste your cloud key in the field. You're done.
Visit the WordPress Plugin Directory and download Adtoniq for free to get started.
Download for free
The impact —
This realtime information comes from Adtoniq’s analytics systems aggregated across many websites. Adtoniq Analytics gives you this information and more updated in real time on your own websites. Each of these numbers below represents a revenue opportunity that you can use Adtoniq to realize. Read the story behind these numbers.
Ad blocker detected (pageviews)
Ad revenue blocked (USD)
Acceptable ads enabled (pageviews)
Analytics blocked (pageviews)
Mobile blocker (percent)
This realtime information comes from Adtoniq’s analytics systems aggregated across many websites. Adtoniq Analytics gives you this information and more updated in real time on your own websites. Each of these numbers described in more detail below represents a revenue opportunity that you can use Adtoniq to realize.
Ad revenue blocked represents an estimate of the impact adblockers would have on our customers’ advertising revenue if they took no steps to address the problem. This number is generated automatically from our own analytics and is based on measuring the behavior of hundreds of millions of pageviews across many different sites since Adtoniq has gone live.
Ask your users that block ads on your site for permission to show your ads, in exchange for giving them access to your premium content. In addition to that, we recommend you follow industry best practices including:
  • Ensure ads do not have auto-play audio or video
  • Do not block content with ads
  • Safeguard your users form ads infected with malware
  • Ensure your ads do not slow down their browsing or cause an undue bandwidth burden.

Analytics blocked shows the number of times we detected a user blocking analytics such as Google Analytics, Omniture, and many other services. Use Adtoniq to ask your users that block analytics for permission to use them, using content protection as a motivation. Used in conjunction with Adtoniq's Google Analytics feature, this dramatically increases the success rate of getting your ad blocked users to opt in to using Google Analytics because the user does not have to figure out how to whitelist you with their adblocker. This provides a feature that adblockers lack, allowing your users to opt in to restoring analytics while still blocking ads.

Acceptable ads enabled represents the number of times we detected a user with an adblocker configured to allow acceptable ads. You can use Adtoniq to show acceptable ads to your adblocked users.

Ad blocker detected represents the total number of times we detected a user with an adblocker, however it is configured. Ad blockers block far more than just ads and analytics. You can ask these users to whitelist you if you rely on a service that Adtoniq does not yet restore automatically.

Mobile blocker % represents the percentage of adblockers that are seen on mobile devices. In our experience, most websites underestimate this and many tools are not able to detect mobile ad blockers. If you have a significant number of mobile users blocking ads, you may need to develop a strategy specifically targeting your mobile blocked users.
Find out how adblockers are affecting your business by installing Adtoniq on your website.
Information Library —
What does #DeleteFacebook have to do with Ad Blocking?
How does the #DeleteFacebook movement relate to the same privacy issues motivating ad blocking?
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How does Adblocking work?
Download our technology whitepaper to understand the technology behind the war between developers of adblocking software and websites that are impacted by them.
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How did we get here?
Download Adtoniq’s own unique analysis describing how we got into this mess.
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Google's new Chrome ad filter
It's not an ad blocker, but its a step in the right direction
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