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Install the Adtoniq WordPress PlugIn. Download Adtoniq from our servers at http://static-42andpark-com.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/zip/adtoniq.zip.
Register for Adtoniq Cloud if this is your first site. An activation email will follow. Click to activate your account, and then sign in. On the next screen, insert your domain(s) and copy your cloud key for your site(s).
Open Adtoniq in your WordPress dashboard. Sign in to your Adtoniq Cloud account, authorize your website, and then copy / paste your cloud key into the indicated field in your Adtoniq plugin and click Save. You're done.
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Information Library —
What does #DeleteFacebook have to do with Ad Blocking?
How does the #DeleteFacebook movement relate to the same privacy issues motivating ad blocking?
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How does Adblocking work?
Download our technology whitepaper to understand the technology behind the war between developers of adblocking software and websites that are impacted by them.
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How did we get here?
Download Adtoniq’s own unique analysis describing how we got into this mess.
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Google's new Chrome ad filter
It's not an ad blocker, but its a step in the right direction
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